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De Villiers Walton is a specialist consulting, systems integration and software development company with SAP at the core.

Latest Blogs and Case Studies

Darron Walton
31 January 2016

Given that SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is still a relatively new product, it’s perhaps inevitable that I’m hearing as many groans of dissatisfaction from SAP C4C customers as screams of delight. So, what’s going on and how can we convert those groans into screams?

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Darron Walton
29 January 2016

You wake up after yet another restless night and know deep in the pit of your stomach that the honeymoon is well and truly over. Your chosen SI's A-team convinced you that they could deliver a catalogue of tangible benefits to your business and you were sold.

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Darron Walton
06 January 2016

Much to my surprise not only does SAP WCEM have a pulse, it has quite a strong one at that. I thought that SAP had hammered the final nail into the coffin when it removed WCEM from the price list back in January 2014. However, I was wrong.

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Darron Walton
04 December 2015

Building online forms can be hard. Wufoo makes it easy. DVW makes it easier still by integrating Wufoo with SAP Cloud for Customer.

DVW’s Wufoo integration into SAP Cloud for Customer enables Leads to be extracted from Wufoo Forms and converted into SAP Cloud for Customer Leads.

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Darron Walton
17 November 2015

Our team of battle-scarred SAP Cloud for Customer developers is available for hire. So whether you are an SI looking to supplement your project team or a customer looking to make some enhancements to the solution, get in touch.

The team has worked with all aspects of the SAP Cloud Application Studio (SDK) including: Business Objects, User Interfaces, Web Services, Reports & Dashboards, Forms, Approvals, Notifications and Business Configuration.

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