De Villiers Walton PowerPivot Connector for SAP

The De Villiers Walton PowerPivot Connector for SAP (PPCS) lets you quickly, easily and securely, extract, mash-up & analyse data from SAP without the need for IT.

Easy Access to SAP Data

Use the PPCS to extract data directly into MS Excel from:

  • SAP Tables and Views
  • SAP BW Queries and Views
  • SAP BW InfoProviders (including MultiProviders, InfoSets, InfoCubes, DataStore Objects & InfoObjects)
  • SAP BW Hierarchies

Small Foot-Print

The PPCS can be installed on any SAP system. It will run on your existing SAP infrastructure. No upgrade to your existing SAP systems is required. No additional investment in hardware is required.

Unlike other commercially available PowerPivot integration solutions, the PPCS uses a “1-stage” integration approach. You install the PPCS, connect to SAP, and load data directly from SAP into PowerPivot in a single configurable step. Once installed you can automate the data load process using Microsoft SharePoint.

The small footprint of the PPCS means that once installed, you require no on-going involvement from IT.


Data access is controlled with standard SAP Authorizations. Users connect to the PPCS using an SAP login id and password, They can only extract data they have authorization to access.


The PPCS enables the rapid extract of data from SAP. For example, it can extract 250,000 cells of data from SAP in under 14 seconds and 10 million cells of data in 6 minutes.


Pricing is based on a per year subscription per SAP Production system.


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DVW PowerPivot Connector for SAP







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