Project Review & Remediation Service

Our Project Review & Remediation Service helps organisations identify and correct conflicts between business need and IT solutions and other common problems such as inadequate solution architecture.

The De Villiers Walton Project Review & Remediation Service will:

  • Determine if the project scope meets your business requirements
  • Examine the project plans
  • Validate that appropriate timelines have been set
  • Confirm that appropriate resources and budgets have been allocated
  • Check for appropriate stakeholder and management support
  • Determine if the overall project, solution and technical design is appropriate

Service Delivery

We execute the review by combining a variety of our strategic, solution specific and core services from our portfolio, which are performed as needed following an initial assessment workshop with key stakeholders.

 De Villiers Walton Project Review & Remediation Service

Overview of the Project Review & Remediation Service methodology

Following the assessment, our experts will then execute one or a combination of the following types of services:

Quality and risk assessment in planning phases:

  • Review of project blueprint to ensure it clearly and unambiguously articulates the required design and matches the business requirements
  • Ensuring that the correct review procedures and quality gates are in place

Quality and risk assessment in building or running phases:

  • Validation that what has been delivered matches the blueprint
  • Quality check on codes and configuration
  • Confirmation of adherence to best practices where most appropriate
  • Identifying the risk exposure due to non-compliance with project governance

IT strategy services:

  • Review of IT strategy against current and future business needs for scalability and robustness

Standard solution assessment services:

  • Determining that the solution delivers to the specification
  • Qualifying the necessity for custom objects, if standard objects would have met requirements and been easier to maintain
  • Identifying areas for reduction in complexity and scope superfluous to business needs
  • Verifying if SAP standards have been utilised to the fullest, and if not, determining that there is specific enough information to justify and support the new solution going forward
  • Identify areas of application performance improvement.

Extended solution assessment services:

  • More detailed focus on generating understanding of why a solution has been designed in a specific way to ensure that it has incorporated all customer requirements.  Comprising of:
    • Application Design Assessment
    • Application Suitability Assessment

As this is an independent review service, De Villiers Walton can also advise on the maturity and robustness of functionality being implemented and indicate where business requirements could be better met by other approaches or solutions.

The review can be further customised according to the current phase of your project. For example, in the planning phase we will focus on the scope, timelines and budgets, while in the build phase we can place more emphasis on the solution design.


As the final deliverable of the review, clients will receive our expert findings in the form of a Key Findings Document and Recommendations Report which will contain the recommended actions for managing risks and improving the project and solution.

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