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De Villiers Walton runs on SAP Business ByDesign. In fact, our implementation of SAP Business ByDesign was one of the first successful cloud implementations in the world. Since then we have implemented SAP Business ByDesign for two wholesale distribution companies, a global large enterprise and more than 40 of its subsidiaries.

We work with large enterprises and their subsidiaries who have taken the decision to implement SAP Business ByDesign and are looking for an experienced implementation partner to ensure project success. We work across all industry sectors but have particular expertise in Consumer Products, High-Tech, Life Sciences, Professional Services, Retail and Wholesale Distribution.

Our service offering is comprehensive and covers all aspects of an SAP Business ByDesign (ByD) solution implementation from Project Preparation through to Fine-Tune, Integrate and Support:

Go Live Assistance Service

This is a "light touch" implementation service in which you manage the project with your own resources supplemented with expert support from the DVW ByD team.

This service should be considered if you want to:

  • Control total implementation cost by managing the project with internal resources
  • Minimize project risks by having DVW ByD experts guide your project manager and verify the project deliverables completed by the key users
  • Leverage best practices for business processes, technology, and project management
  • Mitigate project risks by relying on a proven approach

Go Live Execution Service

A more traditional project delivery service for those of you who want to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of the DVW ByD team to manage the project and configure the solution to fit your specific business needs.

You should consider this approach if you want to:

  • Minimize time to value by leveraging proven expertise
  • Limit staff workload by outsourcing to an experienced team of consultants
  • Leverage best practices for business processes, technology, and project management
  • Mitigate project risks by relying on a proven approach

Post-Go-Live Support 

Post-Go-Live Support provides additional assistance tailored to your needs once the project is completed.

The Post Go-Live Support service covers a wide range of activities that can take place after go-live such as:

  • Monitoring of the system
  • Support to end users
  • Support during period-end closing
  • Configuration changes
  • Others

How to Adapt ByD Service

In the "How to Adapt ByD Service" DVW will run a workshop with you to provide an overview of the capabilities of the built-in flexibility self-service tools in SAP ByD. DVW will also support you to use these tools to perform one adaptation based on a single specification. You may choose to use this service as part of the initial implementation or as a standalone service post go-live.

Using the built-in flexibility self-service tools you can make adaptations in SAP ByD to:

  • Forms
  • Reports
  • Extension Fields
  • Enterprise Mash-ups
  • User Interface Adaptations

You will be expected to provide specifications required for the adaptations, perform adaptations according to the provided specifications and test the implemented adaptations.

Integration Services

Integration services are designed to fulfill the requirements for third-party integration. A third-party integration is used to exchange data between SAP ByD and another customer system or a customer's business partner.

DVW's SAP ByD integration experts will collaborate with your key users to outline the targeted system architecture, to assess the relevant integration/collaboration scenarios quickly.

Integration Services provides the following benefits:

  • Minimizes time to value by leveraging reliable expertise
  • Possibility to take full advantage of customer's existing IT investment
  • Accelerated setup of collaboration with business partners
  • Minimized time to adapt in case changes need to be made
  • No expert expertise required

Data Migration Execution

Data Migration can prove to be the Achilles Heel of projects in the cloud too! With this service we will take responsibility for most of the key activities related to moving your business data from your legacy systems into SAP ByD.

Our ByD experts start with the definition of the migration plan that covers all the appropriate parts of your business. They map, upload, validate and import your data using a specialized migration tool that maximizes speed and minimizes errors.

The process is repeated right before go-live to capture up-to-date data. Because all services are delivered remotely and at a fixed price, you can be sure of the cost and quality of the migration project.

Whether your business data maps to the predefined templates or your data structures are unique, with the data migration execution services for SAP ByD our go-live specialists will manage the process for you limiting the involvement of your staff and mitigating the project risks by relying on a proven approach.

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